Jay Trivedi is now working towards helping businesses access and harness the power of data to unlock efficiencies. He is passionate about exploring how data can make businesses intelligent and its applications in making businesses more agile and customer centric. He loves talking about the future of technology for humans and organisations and if you're one of them, he's always open for long discussions. He conducts Machine Learning workshops at the Barclays Bank, Pune.

  • Ex-visiting faculty at SP Jain School of Management
  • MBA, IIM Ahmedabad
  • BTech, IIT Roorkee

Workshops of Jay Trivedi

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Many keep wondering about the exact definition of machine learning. Machine Learning is an application of ...

Demystifying AI – For Business Leaders & CXOs

Artificial Intelligence is on its way to take over human intelligence. Workforce is being replaced by machines and computers have ...

Automating Sales using machine learning & technology

Sales teams adopting AI are seeing an increase in leads and appointments of more than 50%, cost reductions of 40%–60%, ...

Data-driven cost-optimization

And as we all know, cost plays a major role in the profitability of a firm. Most companies over-spend on ...

Data driven business

How to become a data-driven business (leveraging Big data, ML & AI)

Today’s businesses suffer from a chronic situation of being burdened with data that they cannot process. Not being able to ...