Founder & Managing Director, Sindhu Darshan Infotainment

Hiroo Thariani

BJP President at SDI & MD of Sindhu Darshan Infotainment. Hiro Thariani is the founder & CEO of SindhuDarshan Infotainment. He initiated this site on 21st December 2015 and with a team of 10 selfless Sindhis, have now touched a remarkable figure of more than 3,80,000 Sindhi viewers in more than1540 cities of  more than135 countries.  Subscribers have reached an admirable figure of 6000 and still growing. Joining is absolutely free. Apart from being involved in the media industry, Mr. Thariani is also a successful businessman. He successfully runs his own computer business in Mumbai with operations across India.

Articles of Hiroo Thariani

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Humans are gregarious beings. Since time immemorial they have formed groups. The advantages of living in a group were understood ...