Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is that stream of work where profit-seeking entities, corporations and practitioners set aside their individualistic goals and start working towards a common better future for humanity. The turmoil of today demands that we think out of the box to come up with new solutions to present vexing problems. The capitalistic framework of the economy stifles creativity to involve everyone in the solution but CSR comes as a welcome bridge that connects corporate credo with social responsibility.

Articles of Corporate Social Responsibility


ALS and community support

Community support for ALS Although ALS has a high mortality rate and the contemporary treatment doesn’t guarantee a complete cure,  remedial measures can be taken along with medication to delay the progression of the disease and improve the quality of life of the patient through maintenance of his or her physical, mental, emotional,  and social well-being. Family, friends, colleagues, government, and non-government organizations can contribute immensely to this end. By Family ...

How ALS affects life

ALS starts affecting life even before its detection. The life of an ALS patient can be divided into two phases: ...


Knowing ALS

We have all seen Prof. Stephan Hawking sitting on his specially devised wheelchair and delivering lectures to hundreds of audiences ...

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ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis)

Winning the War against ALS

Winning the War Against ALS Since ALS is a rare medical condition any countries especially the developing countries lack facilities ...

Workshops of Corporate Social Responsibility

Diagnosing ALS

Diagnosing ALS

There is a huge difference between detection and diagnosis. Detecting ALS can simply mean that you suspect that the symptoms ...

Detecting ALS

We may wonder what causes ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. So far, no definitive cause has been detected. However, scientists consider several ...

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Famous persons suffering from ALS

Famous People Diagnosed with ALS Stephen Hawking Born exactly 300 years of after the death of Galileo Galilei on January ...