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Sindhu Darshan TV program is now in its 17th year of providing infotainment services. With a professional team of writers, voice-over artists, anchors, singers, editors and back-end office Sindhu Darshan Infotainment has managed to uniquely leverage itself globally as the leading marketplace for the Sindhi community.
Sindhudarshan is a platform for global Sindhi community members to connect culturally & socially. It aims to become the platform where community members can help each other in all aspects of life be it professional, cultural or at a personal level.
As part of our efforts to bring together the best aspects of Sindhi culture, our programs are webcasted on the site. Our content is increasingly being liked, demanded & shared by the community members resulting in millions of viewers across the globe.
Sindhudarshan’s founder, esteemed Hiro Thariani of Mumbai initiated this site on 21st December 2015 and with a team of 10 selfless Sindhis, have now touched a remarkable figure of more than 3,80,000 Sindhi viewers in more than1540 cities of  more than135 countries.  Subscribers have reached an admirable figure of 6000 and still growing. Joining is absolutely free. The aim of this Sindhiyat drive via electronic media is to bring Sindhis worldwide closer to each other and to give constant nourishment to Sindhi heritage of its language and cultural identities besides aspiring to keep us for ever connected in spirit. Today the reach of Sindhudarshan is across 144 countries worldwide!
Please log on to and subscribe to become part of the global Sindhi movement. Strength in numbers- voice your opinions and bring about better connectivity by centralizing ourselves under one or few Sindhiyat umbrellas designed for robust interactions and unity.

Articles of SindhuDarshan Infotainment

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